User guide refers to incorrect hosted repository context path. ManagedService don’t call update when new configuration is put in pickup. WAR Deployer may extract the web application in a wrong directory if a directory with the same name already exists. Bundlor should support distributing attributes over packages in templates. REST sample deploys successfully but gives when driven. Upgrade Equinox to stable version.

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Selecting unresolvable bundle in dump viewer on Firefox gives JS error response. build dosen’t package the source for the sample correctly. Managed properties are not refreshed when underlying configuration artifact is updated. Provide a choice of both Spring 3 and Spring 4 to applications running inside Virgo. Virgo Repository view doesn’t load properly when a Virgo Nano has been configured. Correct kernel and web server about files. M03 not starting with « clean » option.


Virgo Splash screen claims Virgo Server is a trademark. Hardcoded directory separator in StaticResourceAnalyser. Bundlor classpath incorrectly set. Inconsistency between documentation and behavior of per app tracing.


Introduction à Java EE

Update compile dependencies for Snaps. kernel and web server about files. Simultaneous trigger of many Virgo build jobs lead to failures. Exception logged when service. When a bundle is deployed and import expansion fails, the diagnostics are not very clear. Issue with Virgo Admin page running in Internet Explorer 8. Support hosted repository application on Virgo Jetty Server. Migrate blueprint beans to OSGi declarative services in org.

Update Java profile to Java 8. Find a source for provisioning or obtaining Gemini dependencies.

Tutorial Hibernate pour les débutants

InnerFrameworkDetection support in Virgo. Missing key when using locale different than EN.


Shared Ivy cache produces incorrect dependency versions. Test projects in hiberhate kernel have missing folders. User region configuration properties are not visible via JMX. Long directories causing problems when deleting. Remove all calls to SpringCore. Clarify location of spring config files in web application.

Intégration d’Hibernate Tools dans Eclipse 3.4.1

Fix the z ordering of infoboxes. Dump expanding web. Using the tooling to remove a web bundle or bundle from a server doesn’t actually uninstall the bundle. Tooling should include Bundle-ClassPath during new project setup.



As a user I’d like the admin console to be disabled by default. Il est nécessaire d’installer Postgresql comme décrit dans le guide d’installation. Provide a p2 repository for VTS extension bundles. Migrate Virgo shell commands bundle to DS. Several kernel tests failing on Windows.

Add plan and other types to artifacts View. System verification tests repo has com. Pour que Ant fonctinne correctement sous Eclipse, il faut ajouter le jar de ivy dans le runtime de Ant: Integration tests should run with WABHeader set to strict. Support p2 repositories in the Virgo repository chain. Virgo milestone zips must have « incubation » in their filenames.