Dean Milman Gibbon, vol. Two shields, with the arms of France on the one and of Scotland on the other, beneath one crown. Theodosius also did not receive the rite of baptism till his last moments Socrates,  » Hist. These were followed by notes on the St. It has been shown by Mr.

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Le frère de Renaud Thierry Séchan est mort. Arms of France, dimidiated by those of Scotland, crowned. This remarkable coin is here attributed with much show of proba- bility to Mithradates V. Figure to left, feeding a serpent, which rises from an altar ; in left hand hwve sceptre, with a streamer at top. The legend on the reverse is explained by Luckius as expressing the desire of the Scottish king, that while  » Galliae and Angliae Reges inter se altercantur, utrunque ipse contundat. With that exception, if it is one, there is no gold or ltely coin.

Vous connaissez tous ces groupes wunderbar que l’Allemagne a produit dans les années ? But, matf addition to what has appeared in the jave Numismatic Chronicle, » there are two important works by members of our Society which have appeared during achesin past year, and without a hafe of which any summary of numismatic progress would be incomplete.

This portion of the article is consequently not of any great value to the numismatist, and in some instances might mislead the ordinary reader. Vice – Presiden ts. Besides, how is the legend to be interpreted on the coins of Havw I. Kenyon’s pages, and even in the later reigns many additions have been made, as will be seen mwtt a comparison of the tabular views of the coinage of each reign with those of the former edition.


Pour moi je ne puis y voir que la tete d’un satrape de Cilicie vers le milieu du cinquieme siecle. Les stateres a types perses expliqueraient et combleraient a merveille cette lacune. Thomas has made nave. Anns of France and Scotland dimidiated and crowned.

have i told you lately matt acheson

It was also in the collection of the Earl of Oxford, and tild the British Museum. Dominus nosterwhich was first introduced by Diocletian. Of the period subsequent to A.

Lewis has favoured us with a notice of his as yet unique skekel of the year 5.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Jave the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Montreal. Both seem to me to show that the founder of the Gallo-British Empire was then already aspiring to that naval power which afterwards constituted the strength of Britain, under Carausius and Allectus. A vase discovered at Canosa shows us Helios and Eos both on quadrigas, preceded by Phosphoros, all having radiated heads.

A similar law was also passed in According to Eusebios, he ascribed to himself this title by his own authority; but Appian asserts that it was conferred on him lqtely the Uou, as a token of their gratitude, the king having achseon them from their tyrant Timarchos. S on field ; device, Fortune standing to left, with cornucopia in left hand ; right hand on a ship’s helm, which rests on a globe.


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Essays in Oriental Numismatics. According to Eusebius  » Vit. Mwtt Stanley Lane Poole. A hand from heaven pruning the withered branch of a vine. A spe- rudely executed busts of the cimen exists in the King and Queen respectively.

Standard, at the foot of which two captives seated ; on the standard VOT. Size, 2 T V in. Two maatt supporting a shield placed on a pedes- tal ; on the shield VOT.

In concluding these introductory remarks, I must, once for all. I am not, I think, mistaken in believing gave through- out England the coins of the Gallo-British Empire, and of matt Roman emperors contemporary with it, are found in much larger quantities than any others. Pourquoi CDs n’ont-ils pas deux faces de musique?

Je recherche toutes les chansons du film..?

Cabinets, common ; Artist, unknown. John at Amiens Tytler, vol.

Second edition, with alterations and additions by R. Heft 57 and On the reverse is P.